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Chiropractic and health coaching for living a life of freedom and optimal wellness.

Serving the community of San Diego at 3737 Moraga Ave B214: Mon, Wed, Fri & Saturday.

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Hey, I'm
Dr. Bo Cicak

Before becoming a wellness expert and chiropractor, I was a teacher.  My biggest passion in life is being an educator and helping my practice members get to the root cause of their problems, and not just deal with the symptoms. Through mindset and inner work, everyone could live a more fulfilled, energized life and become their own healers. 

My passion for chiropractic and volunteering has taken me across the globe to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and India three times. And now I’m here, in San Diego, CA, and my online community, to help you ditch chronic pain, stress, and self-limiting beliefs to start living the happy, abundant life you deserve.

Dr. Boris Cicak graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelors of Kinesiology & Bachelors of Education. He graduated with honors from the world renowned Life Chiropractic College West. As a student of life, he continues to further his education to have the greatest impact possible on the people he encounters.

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2 The Part-Time Chiro

Learn how to build your own chiropractic practice from the ground up, all while preventing burnout and creating a lifestyle of freedom that doesn’t force you to compromise on what you love. Click below to purchase my course which includes a FREE 30 minute strategy call with me.


3 Chiropractic Services

Through integrated breath, movement work, and education, we’ll work together to help you heal and empower your own recovery. In-person chiropractic services have limited availability, please schedule soon and come see me at 3737 Moraga Ave B214 in San Diego.


4 Dr. Bo’s Health Workshops

Schedule an in-person speaking event at your office to gain insights on wellness, stress-relief, improving energy in all areas of your life, and so much more.

Chiropractic care or workshops at your office: email [email protected] with any inquires or questions. 



Sunday March 17th 12-1:30pm @ Yoga Deck


"Dr. Bo has such positive energy and vitality. It is a pleasure to talk with him and be inspired by his approach to wellbeing, which is about the whole mind, body and spirit. Hearing him share his knowledge and suggestions on self-care is inspiring. He clearly has a passion and deep commitment to helping others."

David O.

"Dr. Bo has help change my life. His knowledge, experience and support has helpped me transform my health and life. The pain of a hip discomfort was a reason I would not exercise. After a few months with Dr. Bo the pain went away and I started working towards a overall healthier life. I am 27 lbs lighter and feel amazing. I am looking forward to so much more! Having Dr. Bo in your comer when seeking a healthier life is the best decision you can ever make!"

Michael H.

"Dr. Bo changed the way I see my life mentally, emotionally, and physically. He shares so many great tips, techniques, and ideas to maintain a healthy life, lifestyle, and NOT BE A BANANA! Being with him in the beginning of my chiro journey has truly saved me in terms of my life long term and just taking care of my body! These adjustments are the highlights of my days and I am so incredibly excited for what comes next for Dr. Bo! Thank you for everything."

Jasmine L.

"Dr Bo is amazing. He is very knowledgeable about what the body needs and he is an advocate for change not only of the body, but the mind. If you are looking for an overall change in your well being, check him out."

Petrea H.

"I recently told Dr. Bo he is not my chiropractor but my healer. Don’t expect a quick fix to your old problems, on the contrary get ready for a comprehensive path to living a healthier life. Everything about his practice will invite you to become a better version of yourself. From the kind and professional way he relates with you the minute you meet him, to the amazing work environment he cultivated amongst his peers, Dr Bo is indeed San Diego’s best chiropractor."

Andres B.

"Dr. Bo is amazing! He truly cares about helping you improve in all areas of your life. He is caring and compassionate. He takes a lot of time in answering all of your questions and strives to help you understand what is causing your pain and how you can overcome it in a sustainable, longer-term way. I highly suggest Dr. Bo for your chiropractic and holistic health needs!"

Joshua M.

Dr. Bo's personal products for a healthy life

Wondering what I use in my own life to maintain wellness, energy, and mindfulness? If you’re ready to start feeling good physically and mentally — check out my FREE list of products I use personally to keep my life optimized for balance and health. 

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